In the Book of the Dead of The Great Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables, the holiest collection of Athenaism, talks of Yuma. Yuma is said to be neither the Underworld or the Place of the Gods. Yuma is supposed to be the connection between the heavens and the God's. Yuma is controlled by the Goddess Pallas Athena. It's entry is guarded by the God Vesuvio, her son with the Hero Aredclemens of Fleece. The ancient Athenians believed Yuma to be a place were no one could enter alive and return. Yet the story of Johanes, states that he was the only Mortal to do so, how ever the God ever so angry at Johanes sent the Kraken to destroy his fishing boat and thus, he burns in the evil's of the Underworld were he is to rot for eternity, Book LXXIII(St.John).


The Book of the Dead was written in the time of St. Bishop over 3 million years before the United Kingdom was founded. Exactly when the book was written is hard to tell. No one exactly knows much about Yuma other than it is paradise. A paradise no one has ever come back to explain or see. Unlike the underworld which we know exist and the dead are allowed, given that they lived a righteousness life may return once every New Blue Moon, said every 15 Gabanian Years during the Festival of the Dead,


Popeye'e is the ritual said that must be used when the God Anubis ask of your soul to go to Yuma. Vesuvio than is said to guide you to the land that is Yuma. Book LXXIX (St. John). It is as follows from the Book LXXX:

Oh Son of the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena, Seer of the Underworld Holy Annubis, I am but a humble servant and lived a good life, You hath chooseth me to be the humble guest of the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena and her son Vesuvio, I give you my heart in exchange for my safe guard to the God Vesuvio, In the Name of what is good and Holy, Et Nombrurum Madre Diosa Pallas Atena Amen.

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