Yeti Outpost during the 4 days that it sees sunlight

 The Yeti Outpost is a remote resort town and trading post operated by the Imperial Navy serving as the last stop for automobiles before having to switch to carriges as this is known as the land that freezes.


The outpost's original purpose was not to work as a outpost but was built by Emperess Theodora I, often known as the first true monarch of the United Kingdom. The original building was built using dark black wood which if shown under light turns brown. It served as a winter home for the imperial family until the Imperial City's of Hoboken and Jurassic Park City were founded. The Outpost then turned into a popular tourist resort and a major rail road and linking station for the Imperial Navy. It is also the last spot before reaching St. Bishop that has cellpphone service and internet acess as St. Bishop can not have either due to the dense cold air.


Yeti's are beast that roam these parts of the St. Bishop mountain. They have been things of mythology and of religious icons to the Shinto and Seminole people whom inhabit this area. The Yeti is the reason why the outpost is named that and Yeti Beast can often be seen near the Outpost.  

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