2016-03-15 56e7f67737688 Whaling
 Next to Religion and Politics it is believed that the Whaleing Industry is the oldest indusrty on the planet. It was started by Shinto People at around 35,000,000 B.U.K. When exaclty the first whales were captured and how they were caught is something of a mystery but one thing is certain is that the technique to capture and kill a whale is the same as it has been for thousands of years.


It is uncertain exactly how the first whales were caught as boats were very small back then to be able to capture such massive animals.


The only whale on the planet is the Godzilla whale which can be split between Humpback Blue-White Tips and Killer Godzillas which have white and black all over their body they are a bit smaller than Humpbacks.


Perhaps the most important and most expensive part of the whale is it's oil. The oil is made by melting the blubber and collecting the oil that is pressed between the Tuna Meat and other fatty parts around the whale. The industry is very large and is largest amongst members of Gains Gang. The Oil is very important in the use of Magic Ink which in turn has it's property used in making Newspapers. The largest producer of Magic Ink is Havana Paper a division of the St. Bishop Times. The St. Bishop Times is the largest user of Whale Oil on the planet needing it to make the oild for the Planets Number 1 Newspaper.

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