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The Imperial Protectorate Kingdom of West California is a Kingdom in the Russian Far West. Sharing a maritime border with the Republic of Gain and California's State of West California. It has been a highly contested region for millions of years. Outside of the Republic of Gain and California it has the largest population of members of the Tiglt Tribe. The largest city and capital of West California is Citta Tiglt.

History Edit

Part of the Great Espana Desert, West California is one of the richest states in the United Kingdom having been settled by the Shinto People of the Tiglt Tribe around 567389 B.U.K. Large deposits of rich minerals and rocks have made the region for millions of years a popular destination for miners. The Tiglt tribes in the area have become very wealthy with their mineral rights.

Religion Edit

Like in all of the United Kingdom Athenaism by law is the official religion of the Kingdom. The Government of the Kingdom of West California may be directly controlled by the Imperial Government in St. Bishop, but Religious Athenian Law dictates day to day functions through out the Kingdom.

Government Edit

The Imperial Government in St. Bishop has direct control of the Kingdom of West California. The Imperial Senate with approval from the emperor signified a central government in Citta Tiglt that was to represent the Tribes by appointing a member of each tribe to a local religious senate to govern the laws. Other than the Kingdom of Athens, the Kingdom of West California is the only Republic of Kingdom to still use Athenian Religious Law as the only law for it's government.

Geography Edit

The Geography of the Kingdom of West California is mountainous and very dry. The only river which runs from North West to South East is the River Tiber which provides much of the water for the Kingdom. Rainfall is very minimal other than for the once every 10 year monsoon from Hurricane Gustav. The weather can sometimes reach in excess of 600 degrees daily and the day last for 59.57 Hours daily. Nights can be cold with no prevention of the loss of heat. Rich deposits of Gold, Oil, Goo Gas, Rock Oranges, Diamonds and many different minerals dot the landscape making the region rich to exploitation from mining companies.

Flora and Fauna Edit


As the Kingdom is very dry and desert like, little remains in the area of any vegatation. Most plants grow within or inside the River Tiber. Animals as rare as they may be, often are Basilisk, small desert mice, Marsupials, Bantha, basoske, Dragons, and on rare occasions Godzilla Whales have been known to breed in the warm waters of the River Tiber.

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