The University of St. Bishop is the oldest school in the planet. It is as old as the city it's self and is one of the most famous and hardest schools to get in. It is also the most expensive only the Imerialist School is slightly cheaper


USB as it is commonly called, was founded some 50 million years ago and since then has grown to be one of the largest and oldest school in the planet of Gaban.


The school is rated as the best school in the nation and the average G.P.A in the school is 4.0. The School teaches Medicine, Science, Art, Politics, History, and many other areas of study. The School is famed for it's academics and only selects the best students in the nation.


The Team has a Baseball Team and a Quidditch Team named the St. Bishop University Saints. The Teams are named for the Saint whom the city is named after. The school has a rivalry with the Univeristy of Havana, University of St. Augustine, and The Imperialist School.

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