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The University of St. Benard was founded in 1789 B.U.K. by the temple of St. Benard. It teaches and focuses on theology and priestly duties. classified as a Religious University it also offers majors in Medicine and Law. It is located in the city of St. Benard named after the patron saint of the city who was believed to have lived in the region. The school is accredited by the Imperial University system and the Great Temple of Athens. Around 50,000 Students are enrolled in the University. The university offers free classes to all students regardless race or religion. About 12,000 students themselves are persecuted Gainese Athenians who have come to worship and protect their religious beliefs.


The University of St. Benard was founded in 1789 B.U.K. by the Temple of St. Benard which is the main temple on campus. Originally with the ideas to teach the path of righteousness developed by St. Benard the Wise, it has broadened it's message and teachings to include Medicine and Law.

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