Timothy James, Order of The Imperial Star, (b.1798 B.U.K., d 1455 B.U.K.) was the most famous explorer of the ancient Gabanian Imperial Naval fleets. He was responsible for adding the Empire of Gaban to the Galactic Federation.

Early LifeEdit

Timothy James was born to Martha Sashkova and Alesh James in the ancient city of Athens. Martha was as most women of her time, head of the household of the James's. While Alesh was a farmer and a soldier in the Athenian Navy. When Timothy was 17 his father was killed in action during the Gainese-Ateano War, in which Timothy later enlisted. The Gainese-Ateano war was the peak of the Athenian Empire as the Navy was more powerful than that of the Gainese. The war ended when Timothy was 25. Decorated as a war hero, he returned to Athens to take care of his aging mother and household. When back in Athens he continued farming and eventually was chosen as an Athenian Guard soldier.

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