Simply refered to the Imperial Naval Lifesaving Corps( Lifeguard) is the number one and only lifeguard service in International Springs Beach and Los Angeles's Beaches, Rivers, Canals, Lakes, and Pools


The Lifesaving Corps was started in 1 A.U.K. when a large amount of tourist started to visit the beaches. The newley founded St. Bishop Fire Department had to many emergency calls to the beach and after the Grand Californian Hotel Fire killed over 25,000 people due to the Fire station patrolling the beaches due to the high amount of rip currents that day, the Imperial Goverment launched the Imperial Naval Lifesaving Corps. Since then the Lifeguards have become the most important and only rescue operation in the country. Lifeguard was choosen for the word because lifeguard in Athenian means fire rescuer after the first lifeguards whom were themselves fire fighters. Although the Imperial Navy takes care of the funds for the lifesaving corps its the St. Bishop Fire Department that takes care of the hiring process storage and the Lifeguard stations.

Lifeguard Station #1 Est. 1 A.U.K.Edit

The Lifeguard Station #1 really is the same building that houses the St. Bishop Fire Department # 1 the only firedepartment on the planet. The Lifeguard station was installed in the now iconinc Bell Tower/ Lighthouse of the Fire station. The dorms are located on the bottom with most lifeguards bunking with the Firefighters on the othert side. Since then the Station has been the headquarters to the corps.

Life Guard TowerEdit

The Life Guard tower is an iconic symbol of the guards whom protect the Tellawow River boats that pass through the river everyday. On average a boat sinks every 15 minutes and thus these towers are seperated one mile away from eachother with the guards manning them 72 hours a day.

Hiring ProcessEdit

In order to be hired by the lifeguard service you must have served 2 years in the Imperial Navy and have experence in the rescue and base jumping techniques that are used everyday by the Lifeguards. Also no criminal record may show on your records if not you can not get the job. On top of the hiring process is a two year training plan that forcesses the lifeguards to train with the 501'st legion in the jungels of the Inner parts of Tellawow island so that they can learn the signs of distress signals and survival technique.

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