The Pontivov Imperial Crest on the Batese Flag.

The Pontivov Imperial Family is the most powerful Imperial Family on the Planet of Gaban. The Pontivovs are of Batese and Dragonese Desent. The Family has been the dominating ruling family in the Mighty Empire. The Pontivovs came to power at least in the 17000's B.U.K. The Family lives in the Imperial Palace of St. Bishop and Hoboken.

History Edit

According to the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables, the House of Pontivov was founded by the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena. The Family therefor has the Devine right to rule over the peoples of Gaban and thus do so accordingly.How ever there have been many attempts to abolish the Royal and Imperial family, it has not worked. The Royal Family is extensive and includes 1,067 Princes, 14,567 Princesses, 150,000 Dukes and Duchesses anf countless others.

The Royal Family Edit

The Royal Family unlike the Imperial Pontivov Family only controls the Kingdoms, Duchies, and Principality's of the Imperial Crown. Given by the power of the consitutionn and the Emperor and Empresses cutting off territories to give to their children.

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