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The Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables is the book containing the ancient scriptures of the religion and fairy tales that have made the basis of the Athenaism Religion of the Shinto People. Written in Athenian(Language) it is believed to be the oldest known work of scripture on the planet of Gaban. It travels under heavy guard and protection between the Great Temple of St. Bishop, the Great Temple of Cherokee and the Temple of Athens. Throughout the year and during times of war or danger can stay at one of the three Great Temples.

History Edit

No one scholar or Athenian Priest or Priestess can explain when or who wrote the first chapters of the Big Book for certain but most know them as the Books of St. Bishop. Unlike the Gabanian Calender, in Athenaism, the years are written as In the Year of Shinto peoples, or in the year of Athena. Some even call it the Years Following Creation. Thus the book was said to have begun in the first year after creation as the third book states that St. Bishop was the first Shinto person. In essence since the time of St. Bishop it is believed that every High Priest that has lived has written at least two books. Unlike regular priest each High Priest can only write new stories as he is supposed to be the interpreter of the Word of Athena. As women are the interpreters of the Will and Worship, they are not allowed to write in the book. How ever they may be able to read it and view the words. The book in it's self is not a single book but a vast collection of different volumes placed into one.

Language Edit

The Language of the book is that of the Athenian(Language). The Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables is considered the first written example of the Language which could possibly be even older than it's written form through it's oral form. It is named after the Goddess Whom is said by most religious leaders that it is the language of the Gods.

Books Edit

Although the term books are used, in reality they are just chapters in sense within the Big Book. About 90% of the book deals with religious laws, practices, worship, doctrine; while the other 10% are stories, fairytales, and historical contents. Much of early history can be traced back to the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables.

Religious Law Edit


It is said that no one of the Great Three Temples can hold the Book at any given time for too long as each of those High Priest may be called upon by the Word of the Mother Goddess. Thus each temple gets a turn with the book when the messenger God Apollo visits the Temple of St. Bishop letting the High Priest there begin the new year with the book.

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