The Adventures of Timothy James is a series of ancient books by Sir Timothy James, the most famous Gabanian Explorer who discovered new worlds and brought the Imperial Court of Gaban to the Galactic Federation Headquarters in the center of the Tellawowian Galaxy.


The Emperor Lavitabian Octobrus, ordered a group of any person to discover new worlds to trade with. The first group to be chosen was the group led by Timothy James. His adventures were recorded in a series of short and long stories. His books are so prized and revered that it is often compared to the Religious book, The Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables. So much is it's significance that the Athenian Temple added the books to the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables when Timothy James was killed in a accident.

Gaban Planet Comics Inc.Edit

Timothy James was the first comic strip created by the Gaban Planet Comics Inc. Created by the company's founder, Jonathan I. Velez, Timothy James has been a very important character in developing and making the Gaban Planet Comics Inc.

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