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The Tellawow River is the longest river on the planet. It flows from Lake Tellawow all the way to the Everglades in Russia(Florida). The River has a total of 6 dams supplying water and electricity to the Power Grids of the Republic of Gain and California. It is the most important river in the society of the Planet. The Gabnian Religion states that the God Tellawow formed a very ugly canyon and the Godess Athena Filled it with water giving life to the planet of Tellawow.


The river is also the largest theme park ride in the entire Universe. It is home to the Gabnian River Adventure Ride. It got it's name by the emperor Jonathan during an exploration trip. He saw that the land was filled with many extinct animals from earth called Dinosaurs that lived perfectley in the Planet. The river is also the only place were Alligators, Crocidiles, and Godzillas can co-exsist. For most of the river it is infested with Godzillas which has brought much food and income for the people who live on the river for centuries. The river is also home to the Godzilla Whale which lives in the River year round and also can enter the oceans. Much of the river in its last 5,000 miles is salty due to the marshes and wetlands that enter into the sea. The rivers source is believed to be the legendary Fountain of Youth which is of great importance to the Gabnians.

Religious SignificanceEdit

The Religious culture of the Gabanians revolves around the River. In the Gabanian Religion, also known as Tellawowism, scrolls I & II speaks of the story of the Gods Tellawow and Athena giving birth to the River. Tellawow created an ugly canyon that carved into the Island of Tellawows surface. Athena gave the canyon a new beauty and signifigance she gave the river. She gave it the Charm and Beauty that we see and know today as the river. Athena gave the Canyon Water. Water was the basic need by law of the Universe to give life to a planet. Without water there is no life to be allowed. The River is the home of Pilipo, the River Gardian Godess. The River is also home to more temples than areas far off into the land.

River CourseEdit

The river starts in Lake Athens which is a very Holy sight to the Gabanians. From there the river starts in an area that for 7,568 miles is exaclty 100 miles wide. It's no wonder why the first inhabitants wandered into these regions they believed it to be an Ocean and did not venture off to the north. Had they been able to they would have conquered the Shinto to the North. The river then goes on for millions of miles before it takes it's last 5,000 miles as a salt water Delta marsh.