The City of Tellawow, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the Far East. It is an ancient Sea port and major center for the arts and trade. It is believed to have been inhabited in the era of Athenian Expansion around 56,789 B.J.P.


The City is named after the powerful god Tellawow. A group of priest blessed an area near the ocean and claimed it for the new Athenian Empire. Soon after many Athenians from the interior wanted to see and explore the riches of the new age of expansion. From this sea port in 56,788 B.J.P. the city became the last stop before reaching the unkown lands.


The city may be named after the God Tellawow but worship of him is forbidden under the Athenian Code of Respect. A grand temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena and another Temple dedicated to Poseidein are the two Athenian Temples in the city. A small Orthdox community exsist near the bay front.

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