The Tanka is a holy headdress worn by both women in the Temple and in daily life. According to Religious law, Women, must always wear their Tanka. The only time she may take it off is to bathe or when she is to be christened in the pure waters in the temple marking her path to women hood. It must remain on underneath the Kokoshnik. Although strictly speaking women are not supposed to show their long hair, in modern times, women have been known to show a little bit of their hair. The Men also were a similar headdress called the Tananka which tends to be shorter as men don't grow out their hair as women do. Usually the bigger and longer your Tanka will represent how wealthy you are and your status within the Temple and Religious Society.

History Edit

The Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables dictates that all men and women must cover their hair by wearing religious head coverings known as the Tanka and Tananka. These coverings must be worn at all times and although never specified can be of any color. The color, once represented to which Temple you where associated with. Today the many colors are represented by which family you are from, or simply your favorite color.


Law Edit

As a sign of respect to the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena and all other Gods and Goddesses, thou shall wear a covering on thy head. Women shall wear thy Tanka made of any material thy deem worthy. It must be worn at all times of the day and thy shall sleep with it on, unless in the bed when thou ought be married and during intercourse. When thou shall be married one shalt wear White as it symbolizes purity and holy trinity and union within the faith and love to thy Mother Goddess Pallas Athena. Thou shalt cover all hair, how ever you may show a little bit, no more than past your ear. You may never take off your Tanka unless you are to bathe or be christened by the sacred pure water of the temple.

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