Sullah Isbel Seastar I is the Queen of the Kingdom of California one of the two Kingdoms constituting the Republic of Gain and California. She is the Twin sister of Sullah Gain Gambini. Alongside her sister she is believed to be the wealthiest woman on the planet of Gaban. She is married to the famous Gainese Poet, Musician, Dancer, Actor, Artist, and Film Maker Yo Yo Ma Seastar. She is the Mother of His Royal Highness Ryan Seastar XXIII. Like her sister many attempts have been made against her life and she was once captured by Russian forces how ever they had no idea who she was and was relased. Since, she has been accompanied by a heavily armed Gains Gang Army. She is a devout Tellawowist and claims that Zealism is a betrayal to the ideals of Gainese Soceity and way of life.