Honeyduke Island Farms

Honey Duke Islands are a way that Gain makes money.

The State of Gain is one of the largest States in the Empire. It is home to one of the largest economies in the Empire. Only second to the State of Russia(Florida). It is also the most corrupted states in the world. It is lawsless and many of the worst villans and prisoners are kept safe in the state. Unlike it's neighbors, Gain was once it's own country. It was one of the poorest and needed money. It got the money by becoming part of the Empire of Gaban on Gabanaury 8, 1412 A.U.K. It is part of the republic of Gain and California. Gain was once an Empire all in it's self until the Gabanites took over under a millitary operation on the empire. It became a republic on 1399 A.U.K. but today it shares most of it's wealth with California to it's North.

The State of Gain is home to the largest producer of the Plant Honeyduke, a key ingredient in Pepi Cola and the Drug Honeyduke. The reason for this is that it is illegal to grow and produce Honeyduke in any other state. It is completely legal to do just about anything you want in the State and because of this law, it is heaviliy watched.