St. Luke, Lucas Agaptos Pius Formallap, was a saint and authour of more than 70 books of the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables. His works on religion and philosphy are some of the most famous books from the enitre Fable.

Early LifeEdit

Luke was born on the 4th day of 17th month of the 4000th year of the sun Ur. Or roughly around 67,000 B.U.K. He never knew his parents but was raised in the city of Athens. There he learned to worship the Mother Goddess and Learned to become a Priest. When he was 17 he became priest of the Temple of Samu, goddess of cats. 5 byears later he was elected in the congregation of priest of the Temple of Athens.

Exile in the MountainsEdit

As is common with all Priest, Luke was exiled to the Athenian Mountains. Here he was to spend the madated 10 years of fasting, worship and writing. It was then when the Messanger God Hermes. Here he gave Luke the information of which he wrote on the big Book of Anceint Gabanian Fables.

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