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St. Bishop the Giver, perhaps the most celebrated Saint in all of Athenaism. His holiday is celebrated on December 24-25 of Each Year. He is also according to the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables a God.

Early Years Edit

According to Book III of the Ancient Gabanian Fables, Saint Bishop was Born Christopher Bishop in the ancient settlement we now named in his honor St. Bishop, Russia. He was born on December 24, in the first year, in what would become ancient Bat Kingdom.  Created by Athena to be the perfect being from the fire of the volcanos and the water from the seas, she raised him up and watched over him as he grew older. Athena realized that he was lonely and thus created more people like St. Bishop she called them Shinto People. She then ordered St. Bishop to construct a massive temple on the site where she created him in her honor. So he took a piece of rock and some wood and soon he was building his temple.

​Author of the Big BookEdit

Athena ordered St. Bishop to take wood and smash it into a pulp. Thus creating Papelm, with Papelm, St. Bishop was ordered to begin writing the Big Book in Athenian(Language) and so he did. He also recorded the Gabanian Calender. He created units of measurment as given to him the knowledge by the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena. It is believed that the first 500 books in the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables were written by St. Bishop before his rise to the Heavens with the Gods.