The St. Bishop Times is the Worlds leading Newspaper and News Spreader on the Planet of Gaban. It circulates to more planets and galaxies than any other Newspaper. It is also Gabans Proudest Product for being the Galactic Federations official Newspaper


The St. Bishop Times was founded in 1444 B.U.K. as the Imperial Newspaper. It was founded to inform the people of the Empire and all things going on at the official Imperial Capital. 

Spin-Offs and SubdidariesEdit

The St. Bishop Times has formed many smaller newspapers, news centers, and magazines. Some of them are the California Times, Hollywood Sun, Sunshine City Times, Athenian Times, and The Havana Daily Times. They also have smaller pilot newspapers in Ewok Villages and villages of other tribes and people. Magazines include the National Geographic, The Royal Family Magazine, Life Magazine, Health Magazine, Style Magazine, The Quidditch Weekly, St. Bishop Times Sports Mania, and Women oriented magazines.


The Headquarters to the newspaper is the iconic St. Bishop-Acatolo Broadcasting Inc. Building in the Capital Square district of St. Bishop. The Building is the tallest and largest building on the planet and is home to the publications offices of the Goverment and the St. Bishop Times Papers.


The St. Bishop Times still is the only news company to still continue the manafacture of Newspapers by hand. The company buys all of it's paper from Havana Paper Inc. and all of it's ink is also produced by Havana Paper Inc. as part of the Free Trade act of 2013 between the Republic of Gain and California.