The city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, officially San Juan de Bautista y Juventud, is the oldest and largest city on the island of Puerto Rico. It also serves as it's Capital. The city was founded by Emperor Juan Ponce I of St. Bishop in 1498 B.U.K. He made it the capital of the territory of Russian Puerto Rico and incorporated the Island into the Kingdom of Russia.


The area of San Juan was inhabited long before the Gainese or Athenians settled the area. The land was inhabited by the Caribbean Peoples called the Boriquenos and Tainos, a subgroup of the Shinto peoples. These people called themselves the San Juan Tinampas. When the Gainese came they renamed the city Nova Havanique, New Havana. The Gainese inhabited Puerto Rico from 10000 B.U.K. to 1700 B.U.K. which was the time that the Athenians Conquered Puerto Rico from the Gainese by order of Empress Uma I. With the Athenians in power came the presence of music and art, thus the city flourished in the arts. Being so close to the Gainese Empire, led to many skirmishes with the Gainese that still are fought to this day. On the eve of the Island being ceded from Athens to Russia during the Chektan Crisis, the Russian Emperor Juan Ponce I of St. Bishop declared Tinampas, the territory capital and named it after himself. Thus the name San Juan.

Geograpy Edit

Like most of the island nation San Juan is high above the Caribbean Ocean. The island is completely surrounded by the imposing Fort San Juan which was built by the Athenians and later rebuilt by the Russians. The largest center of it is San Felipe del Morro. The fort has walls 35 Tosh Thick and is capable of surviving plasma blast. The cities lowest point sits at 15 seacrates below sea level and the highest point the Hill of San Blas, measures to 16,000 Tosh.

Economy Edit

The Island's economy depends highly upon the Imperial Navy and its technology needs. The entire island serves as a mega fort in the middle of Gainese territory and thus the port only serves Imperial Navy vessels. Other than for the military presence the city serves as the headquarters of many companies that build ships and vehicles.

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