Ryan Seastar Crown Prince of Havana born 19 jonduary 234 A.U.K. Is the eldest son and child of Her Majesty Queen Isbel Seastar of Havana. He is one of the most famous radio dj's on the planet and along with his brother run Seastar Radio Productions. His father is King of the republic of Gain and California and is King of Acatolo Industries. The Couple had there son in Havana Royal Hospital in Old Havana, Gain.

He currently host's the Ryan Seastar Show on 101.5 Lite FM Citywalk Radio in Nova Havanique. He was engaged to Taylor Wift and the two are now currently happily wed. They both live in Havana, Gain overlooking Nova Havanique in a Penthouse in the Grand Floridian.

Early LifeEdit

He is the eldest of 456 Children of Isbel and her husband Ryan Seastar XXII. He was born in Havana and at the age of three was produced into a leading spokesperson for Havana National Radio. He went to the University of Havana at Brown were he graduated with honors for the Broadcast classes offered there.