Palacio Real, Madrid, España, 2014-12-27, DD 15-17 PAN

The Royal Palace of Athens is the offical Residence of the Imperial Monarch of Athens when they are within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Athens. When in the Kingdom of Athens, their imperial majesties are known as the King and Queen of Athens respectively. The Palace is the Largest Palace in the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico, and Snelly.


The Palace was built in 1645 B.U.K. by the great Queen Theodora. Smaller than many other palaces in Athens. It is perhaps the greatest known palace of the Late Athenian Period. It was built with Water Rock and features countless miles of Granite across the entire façade. It is one of the most richly decorated palaces in the Imperial Household and has been a favorite of the Royal Families who have used the home.


When the Gainese invaded the city of Athens and much of the city was torched by the Athenians as a last ditch effort to protect their empire, the western portion of the palace was burned down. It was then repaired by the Russians and Athenians after the Gainese-Ateno War in restoration of the city. With a much larger façade and has an impressive promenade.

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