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The Republic of Tridzilla is a small republic in the Zilla Federation. It has a population of roughly 1.9 billion people and at least 345 billion slaves. The Republic is one of the largest producers of Wood and Coal in the World and Empire. It lies upon the Pinelleos Mountain Coal Field. It's Capital is Tajiikistan-Tridzilla Metropolitan Area.


Tridzilla was founded in 250 B.U.K. by Prince Dajest of Hobokem. He wanted to claim his own nation and was given what was then thought of as worthless land to him. Legend has it that Tellawow, King of Gods, hid a large amount of wealth that would never run out in the Republic. As the story goes mining has been a major industry in the Republic for thousands of years. The Republic in recent times has come into a more modern approach and has begun to invest in large scale city projects. 


The Republic of Tridzilla has been controlled by the ancestors of Prince Dajest since his death in 14 B.U.K. But much of the goverment is not of his decendants but is controlled by the inhabitants of the region. 


The Religion is the Tridzillan Tellawowian Orthodox Temple. They have been Tellawowian since Prince Dajest's time. It is believed that Tellawow gave the name of the Republic to Dajest.

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