The Republic of Tanka is a small republic in the Far West of the Tellawowian Continent. Tanka has a population of 150,000 people most who are Gainese and GaRussos. The Republic was the first republic to fall during the second Gainese-Russo War. The new Gainese Free Peoples Republic of Tanka is now one of the largest producers of Kabul, a powerful metal used in tanks and war ships used by the Gainese Royal Navy.


The Republic of Tanka was settled around 3500 B.U.K. by Gainese people. It was relatively small as much of Tanka is grassland and the western portion near West California is very hot and dry. It forms part of the Great Espana Desert.


As with any Gainese state, the Gainese culture revolves highly around the Tellawowian Faith and follows the Gainese culture such as the language. The accent of the republic is similar to that of neighboring Kabul and California La Bella. The population of Tanka is shrinking as the land becomes dryer and hotter, even though efforts are being made to improve the Republic, but much of it has fallen. Famous landmarks include the ancient city of Tanka which is abandoned due to the Hundred Years war with Russia.


As with much of the western regions of the Empire of Gain, the republic of Tanka has a heavy mining industry. In the east were the Tellawow river, rich farmland produces 10 billion pounds of Honeyduke and 5 million pounds of oranges and other fruits and vegetables. But Mining produces much of the Republic's Economy. The republic uses the Kilo as it's official currency.

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