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There are many religious and official Imperial holidays on the planet of Gaban. With the 36 months that gaban expirences here are the holidays that come up that are officially recongnized by the Local and Ofiicial Goverments


1 Annum Nova( First Day of the Athenian Calender and year)

22 Emperors Birthday

23 Soleres Day in Gain & California


1 Qualeres Day in Athens

24 Ni' sefre day in Puerto Rico

30 Whale Day


3 Battle of Havana Day

5 Memorial Day in Republic of Gain and California.


1 Begin Holy Month

3 Mars Birthday

5 Athens Day


1 Misteif and Mayhem Day

2 Day of Forgetting

17 Ross Hasi'nn (Start of Gainese New Year)

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