Queen or Parosh (in the Gainese Language) Gain Gambini is the current reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Gain in the Republic of Gain and California. She shares her kingdom with her twin sister Queen Isbel of California. Both nations have combined to form the United Monarchy Republic of Gain and California. She was born in Havana, Gain on 7 October, 4,972,892,567 A.G.E. She is believed to be the wealthiest woman on the planet of Gaban and is the Queen Mother of the Gainese people alongside her sister. Since the start of the second Gainese-Russo War, many attempts have been thwarted against her life.

Early Life Edit

Parosh Gain was Born Gain Seali Bin Wa on 7 October, 4,972,892,567 to Sultan Asim Bin Wa and his Wife Parosh Alu Bin Wa Salak in the Imperial Capital of Havana. Born in the Royal Palace of Havana, she lived much of her life hidden in succlusion while the rest of the Empire folded around her. Her father was captured by joint Russian and Athenian forced on the 6 Jonduary, 4,972,892,590 and forced to officially end the Gainese Empire, control of Athens back to the Athenians and end the Egyptian Colony. For war crimes, he was sentenced to death by the Imperial government of then newly formed United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, Snelly, and Puerto Rico. Her father's execution launched a deep hatred against the Shinto people and within 6 years of her fathers death launched the first Gainese-Russo War alongside her sister.

Marriage Edit

Parosh Gain was infatuated by a young Warrior and Crime organizer known as Antonin Charles Gambini., of the Gambini Crime Family. The two quickly became aquatinted and within two years, married. She took on his name and formed a new Royal House. The two have since had roughly 567 official Royal Children.

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