The Public Transport System of the City of St. Bishop is the most complex transportation system ever built on the planet. One of the reasons why the Athenian Empire failed to support itself was because of the lack of transport and communication that it did not have. Once the Republic was formed, the new King formed the Public Transport Bill allowing all of the Planet to be connected to eachother with three main hubs.

Those three are still in use and are the busiest in the world. They are in Marvel, Havana, and San Juan, Puerto Rico The Busiest one is in St. Bishop in the Grand Trasportation and Ticket Booth Center on the ground level of the SBT-Acatolo Brodcasting Co. Building. This system uses the SB Monarail System, Isbel-Gain & Co. Taxi's, SB Mass Transit Buses, the SB Metro-Rail, the SB People Mover, the SB Metromover, and the SB Metro Bus. The City also has a subway called the SB Subway.

The Largest and fastest form of transport is using the nations Hogwarts Express High Speed Steam Trains. When not shipping mail they also use the trains to transfer and move people across the country and city. The Hogwarts Express Co. is the nations premier Postal Service company and the premier transport company of the Nation. it is owned both by the People and by the Goverment. The Trains are painted red and black and have enough steam capacity to take them all the way from Havana to St. Bishop. The Trains have a max speed of 710 MPH and can reach from Havana to St.Bishop in 64.38 hours