Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford by Arthur Pond
The Prime minister of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens is the second most powerful person after the Emperor and the Kings and Queens of the Kingdoms. His/ Her job is to protect, defend, and to be the head of state and official representitive of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens.

The Prime minister has been around since the begginings of the Kingdom itself and has included the many other kingdoms and dominioms that the Kingdom has been able to unite and maintain. 

The Role of the Prime Minister Edit

As the "Head of His/Her Majesty's Government" the modern Prime Minister leads the Cabinet (the Executive). In addition the Prime Minister leads a major political party and generally commands a majority in the House of Commons (the lower house of the legislature). As such the incumbent wields both legislative and executive powers. Under the Athenian system there is a unity of powers rather than separation. In the House of Commons, the Prime Minister guides the law-making process with the goal of enacting the legislative agenda of their political party. In an executive capacity the Prime Minister appoints (and may dismiss) all other cabinet members and ministers, and co-ordinates the policies and activities of all government departments, and the staff of the Civil Service. The Prime Minister also acts as the public "face" and "voice" of Her Majesty's Government, both at home and abroad. Solely upon the advice of the Prime Minister, the Sovereign exercises many statutory and prerogative powers, including high judicial, political, and official appointments; the conferral of peerages, knighthoods, decorations and other honours.

Great Coat of Arms of the Prime Minister Edit

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The Great Coat of Arms of the Prime Minister is used for the ceremonial vesitutures of the Prime Minister at his/ her disposal during their tenure in office. It was designed by the great Russian Artist, Dmitry Mendevovitch. It takes symbols from the Kingdoms of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico, and Snelly as the Prime Minister serves as an official to all the realms of the United Kingdom.

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