The Priest in the Athenaism teach the religion, write manuscripts, and teach the will of the Gods to their adherents. They work at the temples around the world and protect all of the Temples and Religious Artifacts of the religion. The headquarters to the priest is the most holy of the cities Athens and St. Bishop where the creation of much of the population of people was created. Priest must go to Religious School for 50 years before they can become priest. The largest of these schools is located in the Holiest of homes of the Gods the Great Temple of Athens. They are the Male Counterparts to Priestess. Priest are different from Monk he male counterpart of Nuns.


Almost as soon as the Goddess created the Shinto peoples priest sprung up to protect and preach the words and books of the Gods. These people became important leaders in soceity and even today next in line to the Imperial Family in governance is the Priest and Priestesses around the planet. The history of the preist has always been surrounded by the Temple and the Athenian and St. Bishop Doctorines. The East meets Western Orthodox attributes. Also even the Gainese and Califonrians have adopted many of the ways of the Shinto Priest to revolve in their Tellawowian doctorines.

Dress Edit

Priest wear simple cloths called Garmolias which unlike Priestesses can be of any color but must be made of Koshem material such as Cotton, Wool, or Silk.

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