Ponce, Puerto Rico is the second most populous city in the Kingdom of Puerto Rico. Named for the indeginous Ponce peoples whom lived in the area for thousands of years, the city is one of the most important fortifications and regional zones for the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, and Puerto Rico. 


The City was built in 8978 B.U.K. by the Great King Juan Ponce de Leon y San Bishop. It was built as a southern town to protect the Island Kingdom of Puerto Rico from possible invasion by the Gainese from the south. The King names it after the Shinto Ponce peoples who had lived in the are that became the city for some 3,000 years prior to the cities founding.


The city has never been a port city as the Gainese have for thousands of years made it difficult for any Russian Ship to safely make passage through the Caribbean Ocean. The City has defended on the economy of defense industry as much of the rest of the Kingdom. The city of Ponce is a major Fort of the Imperial Navy to the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens and St. Bishop.

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