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The Original Perra Records Building

Perra Records is the largest record company on the planet. It was founded in 14 B.J.P. and is currently under the Royal Company Sound Company. It is owned and was founded by Joseph Perra.


The company was founded in 14 B.J.P. by Joseph Perra with just 30 Shells. He then set out making music and opened a small store in Jurassic Park City. There he made his music possible and grew with fame under the Perra Boys Jazz Band making the classical Jurassic Parkian Music.

Record LabelsEdit

The People who are currently being produced under the Label are as follow:

Joeseph Perra

Katy Perra

Mike Shadaka

Shaka Libiyan

Florence Antoinette Perra + The Machine

The Lonely Boys

Los Chicos de Ayer

Jurassic Park City Sound Machine

Kate Middle

El Topo Jirado

Mike Jackson

Carly Seastar Acatolo

Glenn Miller and the Boys

Jiovann Gambini

Jiovann Gambini and the Miller Boys

Gilberto Santa Rosa

Robi Draco Rosa

Roberto Santa Rosa

Geroga Gambini

Lady Malta Gaga

Frank Sinatra

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