The Palace of Senators is located in the red square in the center of St. Bishop. It is home to all senators of the Imperial Senate when they are in the city.


The Palace of Senators was built in 120 A.U.K. to house the Senators of the Imperial Senate when they were in session. Many of these senators travel from a far and there was a need to keep them comfortable while they were in the Imperial Capital. So the Senate voted to use some of their funds from the annual Imperial Senate budget to construct a palace in the middle of the Red Square. The project took 12 years and took the labor of 15,000 citizens to construct. When it was finished in 132 A.U.K.. it was regarded as the most beautiful palace in the Red Square. It is only about 300 feet from the Imperial Senate Building.


No expense was spared when the Senators decided to build a new palace. To feel more at home each senator from each kingdom and republic built their rooms and chambers to represent what it would be like for them back at home. In all close to 13 trillion Imperial Shell were used to construct the palace and another 1 trillions Shells to funrinsh the interior with only the finest furniture.

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