New Marvel is a city located on the Floridus Penisula of the Island of Tellawow. It was founded as International Springs and when it was captured by Gainese Forces it was renamed the city of New Marvel after the Capital of the Republic of Gain and Californias state of California.


After the second gainese Russo war, the area of new marvel then called by the Russian and Athenian peoples as international springs, was founded and reestablished as the City of New Marvel nearly triple the size of population and three times larger than the old city of marvel. New Marvel takes the name from old marvel the capital to the California Republic, which in turn is named after the Tellawowian and Athenian goddess of War. Although mostly business and touristy, the city boast a new stadium and a huge industrial revolution is taking place in the region.


As when before and after the war, the city has always been a strong center of Athenaism. As it is the last and most eastern city before embarking on a journey across the Biscayne Ocean, onto the mainland towards the holy city of Athens.


As the worlds largest and busiest port the economy of the city if New Marvel relies heavily on the large tourism industry which was nearly wiped out by the war whom enjoy the tropical beaches as well as major theme parks at nearby California Adventure Park. The main currency of the city unlike the rest of the Gainese Empire is based on the Athenian system of Shells, infinities and the Galactic Federation Standard.


The city used to be home to the International Springs Gryphons who before the war hit near the city decided to move to the city of the Russian Capital, St. Bishop. The city has three quidditch teams. They are the New Marvel Pixies, Timber Wolves, and Lumberjacks. The city is also home to the New Marvel Yankees the second winningest team in Major League Baseball and 45 World Series Champions.

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