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 New Gain is the largest overseas territory of the Country of Gain. It has recently claimed statehood. It's population is marked at 15 billion Gainese colonizers. The area was once the vast eastern section of the Magic Forest National Park.


Traditionally speaking the Gainese first arrived to the southern tip of the Super Continent of Tellawow in the mid 13900 B.U.K. They formed a small settlement in what is now known as New Havana and began to settle the area. This area was then conquered by the Athenians and became the territory of Gain. This remained under Athenian rule until 100 A.U.K. when the Russian Empire conquered the Athenian Empire. This area was slated as a protected area under the Imperial Order of the Russian Empire and remained so until the first Gainese-Russo War. Which the Gainese Millitary entered the territory and conquered it back. During the Pax Ga-Russo this area became one of the richest farmlands in the Old Republic of Gain and California.

Second Gainese-Russo WarEdit

The First shots on the Second Gainese-Russo War were fired on the Great Wall of California near the eastern edge of the border with Russia. Immediatly this area became an area of mass war and bombing runs led this area to be flattened and littered with millions of unexploded ordinances that have not been destroyed. Although the war has not ended yet the courage of the people from new Gain has proven more than enough to the new Empire of Gain and California.


The people of New Gain of course speak Gainese. But there are many other dialects of Gainese languages and dialects of the many inhabitants of the Marks of Gaban.


The Territory of New Gain officially recognizes two currencies. Since it is a territory and not a state it recognizes Galactic Federation Standard Infinities. As it is a Gainese Territory it recognizes the Gainese Kilo.


Athenaism is still of strong influence in this region since it was controlled by the Russians for such a long time. Although a ever so increasing Tellawowian Orthodox Community has been growing in the territory with new immagrants.

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