Mt. Tellawow

Mt. Tellawow

Mt. Tellawow is the largest and tallest moutain in the entire planet of Gaban. Mt. Tellawow is a large super volcano that measures over 2,789,989 feet. It is also the most active on the planet spewing out thousands of gallons of lava to it's east side. It erupts every hour or so and the power of the earthquakes that it triggers can be felt all the way to St. Bishop. On it's South side it is snow capped. To many Gabanian's it is the most sacred mountain and is one of five sacred sites.


The Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables states that Tellawow built this Monument to represent himself as well as create the massive island of Tellawow which today holds the Kingdom of Russia and Athens and the majority of the Republic of Gain and California.

Religious SignifiganceEdit

According to Religious law nothing on the planet shall be taller than Mt. Tellawow or the God's would punish the People. That is why the SBT-Acatolo building is just shy of reaching the peak of Mt. Tellawow's Height. It is also considered very sacred and nothing but some temples are allowed to be built on the mountain. Religious law forbids non heros from being buried on the mountains face. It is believed that the Mountain is the portal and gates to both the Underworld and the Kingdom of Athena. During ancient times, it was believed that one sacrifice a day was necessary to keep the God's happy so they would toss an enemy into the volcano one at a time satisfying the Gods.