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Moscow is the third largest city in the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens after St. Bishop and Athens. Moscow is located about 5,000 Miles away from the Imperial Capitol of St. Bishop on the delta of the Moskva River were it meets the Volga, and Tellawow Rivers respectively. It is famous for its temples, arts, theaters, entertainment district, casinos, and of course its many famous canals. The city has a population of 76 Billion inhabitants.


The City was founded by Tsarvich Alexander Napoleca Pontivov in 15678 B.U.K. at which legend has it the Goddess Athena showed him the way to her city of Athens. Therefor The Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables was placed upon the spot on a boat were the Volga, Moskva, and Tellawow Rivers met. Here she said, that Alexander shall build a grand temple rivaling that of all others and name the settlement Moscow, which in Athenian means City of the Goddess. Thus the city has been inhabited ever since by Russians. Although during the Russo- Atheno War, the city was heavily damaged by the brutality of the Athenian Navy.


The city is strongly associated with the Temple of Athena in Athens although it follows the Diocese of St. Bishop in customs and traditions. The Onion Dome shape of the cities Temples are known through out the Russian Empire as the most beautiful.

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