The Molvanian Language is the third most widely spoken language on the planet of Gaban. Spoken by nearly 30 Billion people, the language can trace its roots to the unique culture built in the Molvanian Plateau, an area in the south east. Molvanian is unique as it is not a member of the two Gabanian language groups, Athenian or Gainese. Although technically all Molvanians know Athenian as it is the language of their religious belief in Athenaism, they developed their own local language. The alphabet is entirely different from the Gainese or Athenian alphabets.

History Edit

It is believed that the language known as Molvanian began some 1,000,000 years ago as the Molvanian Peoples began to forget Athenian. There extreme isolation from the rest of the Shinto population meant many traditions where either forgotten or lost. Much debate arises as to wether or not Molvanian people spoke the language already in St. Bishop or if the language developed on the journey of the Shinto through the central plateau. The molvanian alphabet is a copy of that of the Russian Language.
Graffiti Fonts Russian Alphabet

Molvanian Alphabet

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