The Maimi Marlins are the oldest and perhaps most famous Baseball club in the Major League Baseball sports league. It has the record for most World Series Titles.

History-The Florida MarlinsEdit

The Florida Marlins were the first team to join the Major League Baseball association when it was founded back in 1887 B.U.K. and began playing at the Royal Field in St. Bishop. They stayed there until 1487 B.U.K. When they moved to the city of miami in the outskirts of St. Bishop and took on the name of the Miami Marlins.

The Castro Brothers EraEdit

Perhaps the most famous time of the Miami Marlins Ball club history is in it's current stage. The Marlins aquired all five Castro Brothers from the Hoboken Mets as well as trading its two old stars Hanley Ramirez and Reggie Jackson to the Hoboken Yankees for pitcher CC Sabathia and Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez. Also in the disabled list they aquired Hoboken Yankees All-Star Derek Jeter. This era has been deemed the Castro era as the Castro brothers all who play different positions have become the home run factory of the MLB West. Providing win after win for the Miami Marlins. The perfect season as it was known was the first and only time that the Miami Marlins or any other team has gone one entire season with 0 losses and went to win the World Series.

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