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Mars Goddess of War

 Mars is one of the Daughters of Athena and the Batese King Thormos IV. She is Goddess of War and all soldiers. All soldiers across the planet pray to her for brining them strength in battle. She is considered one of the 20 Main Gods.


Athena entered King Thormos IV disguised as one of his concubines. Where she slept with the King and became pregnant with a child. Thormos was famous for his many battles and fighting skills, and is considered by many to have been the last great Batese Warrior. Athena later revealed to the King that she slept with him and that he would be father to a Goddess. To much horror, the King accepted the Goddesses Proposal and as custom, was offered to sacrifice his throne and relinquish himself to his half brother King Phillip I thus began his long rule of Bat Kingdom. Mars was born on 67 Athena, 5363718 B.U.K. She was born with the wings of a Gryphon, the hands of her father, and the head of her mother. Her beauty was instantly recognized through out the world.

Goddess of War

Athena soon after proclaimed Mars to be the Goddess of War. Thus she ordered her name and story to be written by the High Priest St. Thomas. Whom wrote a total of 67 books dedicated to her and how to worship her. As Goddess of War, Mars has been famous for intervening in between sides and never choosing one single side. How ever all soldiers regardless of faction worship her except for the Gainese, whom she despises and they despise in return.


The Temple of Mars in Athens is the largest temple dedicated to her. The City temple of Citta Mars in the Citta, is also dedicated to the Goddess. In St. Bishop, her Temple is located atop the grave of King Thormos IV.

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