Madrid is the Third Largest City in the Republic of Gain and California. It is one of the most important cities on the Republic and sits between the Border of Gain and California. It is the only city in the Republic that is set like that. The city is the only city in the Republic to be considered its own country and state within the Republic of Gain and California. It is famous for its landmarks and museums.


Madrid was first settled close to 100,000 years ago by the Gainese. This is believed to be the oldest city of Gainese Origin on the Planet of Gaban. Located on the banks of the river which gave the city it's name, the Madrid River. From 35,000 B.U.K. to about 15,000 B.U.K. the city was the first capital of the Gainese Empire.


Madrid since it's founding has been the religious capital of the Tellawowian Faith. More people make the pilamagrage to Madrid than to the annual one to Athens. As there are slightly more Gainese people than there are Shinto people's.

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