Lyons Country is a region of North Eastern California. It enters part of Western Russia. It is heavily influenced by the Gainese Culture. It is dominated by the Gainese language and has gone from Russian hands back to the Gainese during the Revolution and Gainese-Russo War.


The First settlers in Lyons came from the western region of California nearly 15,000 years ago. The language of Lyons which has been classified as it's own language was first recorded by Russian pilgrims in the 1 century B.U.K. The largest city of the Region, Cham-Du Illus was founded in 1345 B.U.K.


The region is dominated by Agriculture. especially in the Honeyduke production and Pepi Cola Production. It is home to the Isbel-Gain & Co factory 456 which employs 756,000 people.

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