The United Kingdom of Russia and Athens State of Little Havana is a large island located within the city proper of St. Bishop. It serves as a territory and a town devoted to the Gainses people. It is also the only city or territory in the United Kingdom of Russia and Jurassic Park to only use Kilos as a form of currency. It's Current Millitary Pontiff is Pontiff Alesh Mastafov of St. Augustine. He is the 102 person to hold the position. His motto is progress.


The city was founded during the first Gainese-Russo War. It was here that all Gainese inhabitants in the United Kingdom were sent and have since have lived in.


After the Second Gainese-Russo War the Russian Goverment decided to rebuild the city of Little Havana and has begun cleaning up the conditions of the once called shack city. It now houses a bank of Havana building as well as a new hospital and Quidditch Stadium and new Russian Imperial Goverment Houses and a modified port and Russian Fort. 


The Goverment in Little Havana is all Russian Controlled and is under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Senate and the Russian Imperial Navy. The Goverment does not allow the public into the Town and city limits and guards all water ways around the island. It is believed that the Goverment in the City is corrupt the the Goverment has denied any such situations. It is also believed that the goverment abuses power over the Gainese people.

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