Lake Athens is the largest lake on the planet of Gaban. It is the Holiest site in the Planet and is thought to be the Prison were Athena was kept but later was freed Jonathan 1:12. It is now believed to be the prison that holds Tellawow for his crimes against the Godess Athena. The Lake is the beggining of the Jurassic Park River.


According to ancient scrolls of the Athenian Religion the lake started when the milk of the freed godess Athena drooped to the grownd, it then allowed the planet to have life and it filled the Great lake of Athens. The lake is the oldest body of Water on the planet and is much larger than Biscayne bay the largest bay in the south. The lake was called Milk lake for billions of years and still retains the name which you can hear from the locals of the near town of Athens.

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