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The Krygyst People are an ethnic Shinto sub-group native to the Kyrgst, the Athenian word for the Central Plateau. The Krygst are the second largest population of Shinto people after the Russians, whom constitute roughly 67% of the United Kingdom's population. The Krygst speak Krygyst(Language) the second largest and most common dialect of the Athenian(Language). The majority of these people live in the Republic of Krygyst and the Kingdom of Krygystan. However smaller populations exsist in the Kingdom of Athens and Molvania.

History Edit

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The Krygyst above all else are foremost Shinto People. As such little is truly known about their origins other than what can be noted from the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables. The Shinto began settling parts of the Central Plateau some 567 million years ago. Although many continued south towards present day Califronia, Athens, and Puerto Rico, many Shinto people decided to substain in the Central Plateau. In essence, the Central Plateau is not a plateau at all, but rather the great and Great Magic Forest. According to the Athenian religion, they were to not clear the forest and isntead, lived off of the forest foraeging off the land. How ever in more modern times, Tree Cities, as well as cities on the banks and many isloated islands of the rivers.

Diet Edit

Krygyst people like all other Athenian's, follow the laws of Koshem. They do not hunt or eat meat. Instead they farm many of the tropical plants in the Great Magic Forest and cook countless varieties of plants. The Krygyst have their own famous bread known as Posastk. Posastk is made with a mixture of Honey, Rye, Barely, and wheat. It is one of the regions most famous exports and is considered the national food of the Republic of Krygystan.

Language Edit

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The vast majority of the Krygyst use the Krygyst(Language) for writing, a dialect of the Athenian(Language). How ever many people speak the Molvanian Lanuage. Much debate is excluded as to who settled the central plateaus first and wether or not the Krygyst dialect is a separate dialect from Eastern Athenian.

Religion Edit

All Krygyst people adhere to Athenaism, and are called Athenian's for their beliefs. Each city and village has it's own God or Goddess which they worship. Mother Goddess Pallas Athena and Kimi are the two most popular Goddesses in the region, and thus are the most common temples found across the region.

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