Krygyst is the native written Athenian language for the Republics of Krygyst, Dajestan, Krygystan, Molvania and is used in the Northern Border of Athens. It is the second most widely used system of the Athenian Language after the Script written by St. Bishop himself. Written Krygyst is also known as Temar.


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It is believed that the language was started by people who could not write the  Athenian(Language) well or at least read it properly. While illiteracy was rare, many of the poorer people living in the outskirts of St. Bishop spoke in distinct dialects of Athenian. Those people eventually led to a new alphabet and created there own form of written Athenian. Naturally the first written book in Krygyst was the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables. The first original copy now lies in state at the Holy Temple of the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena of the Krygyst.

Phonetics Edit

The Alphabet set has a very different form of phonetics than that of the "True" Athenian Alphabet. How ever to shape the distinct dialect that the Krygyst region has, the Krygyst used their pronunciations for their phonetics in their writing.

Law and Government Edit

The United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico, and Snelly officially recognizes Krygyst as an important rich cultural written language. Although rarely used in the Senate, all legislation is written and printed in Krygyst for the use of the Krygyst people. Thus Imperial Law dictates that as Krygyst is merely another form of writing Athenian, all children who lie in a republic or kingdom or territory which whence forth uses krygyst script as it's official written language, shall be taught using Krygyst alongside main stream Athenian Script.

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