Coat of arms of Seychelles

Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Snelly

The Kingdom of Snelly is the largest, second most powerful, and wealthiest Kingdom in the Planet of Gaban. The Most remarkable piece of this Kingdom though is that it is all under water. The Kingdom controls every last body of water in the planet.


The Kingdom of Snelly is the the one out of two Ancient Exsisting Kingdoms still to exsist on the planet of Gaban, the only other one being Batkingdom. No one knows the exact year that these two kingdoms were formed but Scholars and Citizens alike agree thst these two are the oldest kingdoms. Snelly is a land of the people of Snelly, Mer People, such as Mermen and Mermaids. They are the exact same people as the Shinto people and share the same language as the Shinto. Athenian which once was thought to be dead but these two nations still speak the tongue. If the People of Snelly were to step on land they would loose their tails and be able to walk just like the Shinto. For the Shinto people it would be just the reverse. If they were to go in the water they would form tails and be able to breathe underwater.


The Kingdom of Snelly controls vast extenses of Open and shallow seas and most importantly the Tellawow River also known as the Athenian River. The Capital of Snelly is the Ancient and Enchanted City of Atlantis a city which many believed to be nonexsiting. The Shinto have always shared and known about the lands of there Ancestors.