Kimi is the Godess of the Magic Forest and Tellawow River, which according to legend she lives within its dense jungle of the forest. She is represented as a half Shinto half Cat like being. She is the daughter of the Godess Athena. To the Shinto, the entirety of the Great Magic Forest, is the Goddess Kimi.


Kimi was believed to have been born in the Magic Forest and was raised by Black Lions. Ever since she has been belived to have grown and protected the Magic Forest.


She is highly worshiped by the Ewoks, Wookies, and Shinto People. Her largest temple is located in Technolachia, Taiono Eot, Ewok Nation. Many people often offer the godess fruits and vegtables and the Sap of the Magic Tree which for millions of years has been the most loves sweet.

Forest DutiesEdit

She is often worshiped to give protection for forest hikers and travelers and is worshiped to protect the animals and give thanks to the bountiful harvest that the Magic Forest gives to the people. She is also worshiped to give safe passage through the Jurassic Park River.

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