Italy Supreme Court-1200x700 c

The Imperial Supreme Court of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens is the oldest and most powerful court on the planet of Gaban. It is a class I Court under the Galactic Federation Judicial System Classification. The Imperial Court is led by a grand judicial review of 700 Supremes known as their Honors. The court has millions of cases heard but only about one thousand or so are heard and tried in the Supreme court each year. Of which the record was a mere 1,234 cases and the least was the case on the trial of Empress Kiki of Athens on war crimes and for breaking the treaties of which in itself took almost two years.


The Supreme Court is spoken of in the constitution of the Empire of Gaban. How ever it was founded by the Emperor Augustus in 17,898 B.U.K. Although it has no official boundary until about 10,000 B.U.K. the Court has played a very important part in the Imperial Society. The Supremes number has never been officially fixed, how ever legislation by the Current Emperor of the house of Pontivov believes that an effective court is one with a small number of judges.

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