The Main Senate Chamber

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The Imperial Senate is the largest and most important department of Goverment in the Planet of Gaban. It is the main body of governing laws and making the functions of Goverment. The Imperial Senate is the Only form of Goverment that Athenian is the Official and only language allowed to be spoken during sessions. The Imperial Senates Headquarters in St. Bishop in the Government Square, Red Square, St. Bishop, Governmental Oblast, Bat Kingdom, Russia, United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico, and Snelly. Since the beginning of Shinto history the people have been ruled by Emperor's and Empresses' followed by the more local government officials known as Senators. These senators can make laws and establish cities, nations, and local governments in the places where they live. Although they have no high powers granted by the good will of the Imperial Head of government, a senator has power over the people who either voted for them or how they where passed down upon as stated in the order of succession of Imperial Senators.

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