The Imperial Quidditch Hall of Fame is located in the Quidditch Capital of the World, which has more professional Qudditch teams than any other City in the planet.


The Hall of Fame has exsisted since the first years of Quidditch.


There are many exhibit halls throughout the entire Hall of Fame. With more than 5 million items ranging from primitave brooms and items to the Finest and newest brooms and Gear.

Isbel-Gain & Co.Edit

The Isbel-Gain & Co. has sponsered the Hall of fame since 1678 A.J.P. and continues the long term sponsership. The Sponser ship allows them to have a large exhibit, The Isbel-Gain & Co. Qudditch Emporium. Here they sell and show off there most advanced and most wonderful array of Quidditch Supply.

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